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  • Wikimania 2007, Taipei, Taiwan, Aug 2007


“Technology not as tool, or as something that is separate from us, but rather as a “second skin” to use the words of Marshall McLuchan. After the end of phenomenology people no longer wondered about the nature of pre-linguistic consciousness. In the same way, we now consider it impossible to think about our world without technology simple because technology has become the language or the unavoidable medium for our thoughts. We work with technology not because it is original, but precisely because it is inevitable and commonplace in our global society.”
“The Look makes painting”, said by Dunchamp about 100 years ago. Artist is not the only executor and interpreter of his/her art work. It is a platform which involve the interaction with audience. It involve space, time and variation.

Original Documentary

Taiwan Version

Mobile Brush
As the mobile become a part of urban life, even part of the body, a big portion of people who are living in urban cannot survive without mobile. It really become the skin of our body. Camera embedded mobile phone is the new trend which increasing crime, at the same time, creation.

This work, Mobile brush is trying to create a platform which combining the very important part of urban life: mobile and its special features Camera to include audience as creator of the work.

At the same time, Mobile Brush explores the mobile technology nowadays and how’s a mobile can be an instant tool of media creation.

Spatiotemporal is the main focus on this result.

Technology & Research
Camera Mobile Phone captures live image in anywhere and anytime. The relationship between Time and Space, and the possibility of time and space of an art work creation have been extended because of the mobility of a mobile phone. Audience or the lay-artist can input their contribution to the piece and generate their own artwork with their own Camera Mobile.
In the research period, we explore four possibilities to play with Mobile Brush in exploring the relationship between Time, Space and Object:

Mobile Brush result 1
1) Self-turn, Space is freeze, Time is moving, Object is freeze (Active mode): Artist is taking an active role to explore time and space when object is freeze. Space is extended.
Mobile Brush result 3

2) Moving on the escalator, Space is moving, Time is moving, Object is moving (Passive mode): Artist is being moved by the something (escalator), time and space is explored by the moving object itself. Time and Space extended.

MobileB rush result 4 Mobiel Brush result 5
3) Stand still on the street, Space is freeze, Time is moving, Object is moving (Passive mode): Artist is standing on the street but all other objects include time and space is moving. Time is extended in a fixed space.

Mobile Brush result 6 Mobile Brush result 2
4) Moving the mobile, Space is moving, Time is moving, Object is freeze (Active mode): Artist is taking an active role to explore the space by moving mobile just like painting. Time and space extended.

(Hardware requirements: Camera Mobile, MMAPI support, MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1)
Version now is 1.0, please see the release notes for more information on technical. The Bluetooth transmission part will be added later for transmitting the finished animation/painting to the computer.)

Mobiel Brush result 5 Mobile Brush result 6 Mobile Brush result 1 Mobile Brush result 3 Mobile Brush result 2 MobileB rush result 4

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